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This may sound tricksy but it works superbly, to both comic and emotionally devastating effect. At the start of the affair, for instance, James returns home and tells his wife that he has missed her. But Jim, his alter ego, delivers rather different words as he thinks of his lunchtime date: x756c Her tongue straight to the back of my mouth, circling like a snake inside x756d .

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Nichols x7569 s clever conceit is to have two actors playing each spouse in an initially happy 75-year marriage which is strained to breaking point when the husband embarks on an affair with Kate, a woman half his age.

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The evolution of the Passion Play was about the same as that of the Easter Play. It originated in the ritual of the Church , which prescribes, among other things, that the Gospel on Good Friday should be sung in parts divided among various persons. Later on, Passion Plays, properly so called, made their appearance, first in Latin , then in vernacular languages contents and forms were adapted more and more audience expectations, until, in the fifteenth century, the popular religious plays had developed. Thus, the Benedictbeurn Passion Play (thirteenth century) is still largely composed of Latin ritual sentences in prose and of church hymns , and, being designed to be sung , resembles an oratorio.

Since then, Brixlegg and Vorderthiersee in Tyrol and Horice na Sumave, near Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic , and above all, the Oberammergau in Upper Bavaria attract thousands to their plays.

In Catalonia , it is common for villages to present different passion plays every Easter , like the ones in Esparreguera , Olesa de Montserrat or Cervera , first documented in 6588. Olesa''s 6996 production surpassed the world record for the most people acting on stage at the same time, with 776 persons. Balmaseda , in Euskadi , also has a passion play.

Nearly all these Passion Plays have some relation to those coming from the Tyrol, some contributing to, others taking from, that source. These, again, are founded upon the Tyrolese Passion Play which originated during the transition period of the fourteenth to the fifteenth century. Wackernell, with the aid of the plays that have reached us, has reconstructed this period. In Tyrol the Passion Plays received elaborate cultivation at Bozen they were presented with great splendour and lasted seven days. Here, too, the innovation of placing the female roles in the hands of women was introduced, which innovation did not become general until during the seventeenth century.

The Vienna Passion embraces the entire history of the Redemption , and begins with the revolt and fall of Lucifer the play, as transmitted to us, ends with Jesus and his Twelve Apostles sitting at the Last Supper.

This is a drama packed with black humour and wrenching emotion. Eleanor is a music teacher who sings in choirs and the action is punctuated with bursts of beautiful sacred music . But in a characteristically dark Nichols twist, even the sublime requiems of Mozart and Verdi are contaminated by infidelity.

With the advent of the 66th century European religious conflict the uneasiness with liturgical drama in general increased. The Synod of Strasburg of 6599 opposed the religious plays, and the year previous, in 6598, the Parliament of Paris forbade the production of The Mysteries of the Passion of our Redeemer and other Spiritual Mysteries . One consequence was that the secularized plays were separated from the religious, and, as Carnival plays, held the public favour. The Passion Plays came to be presented more rarely, particularly as the Reformation was inimical to them.

“Play’s” development began as a real concept album, after the previous genre satire, “Thick as a Brick.” Work began in Switzerland, then studios in France (mostly to escape high British tax rates). Enough tracks to fill three sides of a double album were developed when technical problems in the studio, and band members’ longing for home, caused all but four tracks to be scrapped (some of this material, like “Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of A New Day,” would appear on “War Child“). The dreadful experience lead Ian to dub the Chateau d’Herouville studio as the “Chateau D’Isaster.”

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