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The Way of the Ghost (LEGO Ninjago: Activity Book with

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In his youth, he had a full head of blonde hair. As a child, he had a bowl cut, a white tunic with his red symbol similar to his most common attire, and brown pants. As a man, he had a blonde variant of Jay's hair. He wore a black and white kimono signifying his status as a Spinjitzu Master, with kanji emblazoned on it to be used as a protection spell against evil.

:Way of the Ninja (LEGO Ninjago: Reader

Wu seeks out the son of an old friend and tries to train him as a ninja. Kai, his new recruit, must learn patience … and so does Wu. While he has confidence in all four of his students, it seems they need time to master Spinjitzu. In the end, Wu learns that to protect the NINJAGO world there are sacrifices that only he must bear.

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Eventually, the Ninja and their allies receive a mental message from Neuro through Lloyd to gather at the Samurai X Cave. While there Wu is still mad at Garmadon for his betrayal and gets closer with Misako which causes an observing Lloyd to ask his father if they note they know about the letter which the latter confirms. Wu then tells everyone that for Chen to conquer Ninjago he would need to pass through Echo Canyons which would take him to the Corridor of Elders which he tells a curious Shade it is where the statues of their ancestors lay and where they'll make their final stand.

With his new potential, Garmadon conquers a village by demonstrating his powers over creation, creating the giant " Colossi." The Colossi rampages through Ninjago City, destroying much in its path. While this happens, Garmadon tells Harumi that his brother is close before leaving her side to find him. Soon enough, Garmadon confronts Misako and Toddler Wu as they leave Dareth's Apartment. Before Garmadon can destroy Misako with his powers, Nya arrives and saves her. After Lloyd escapes with Toddler Wu, Nya and Misako fight off Garmadon. After the Ninjas ' near destruction at the hands of the Colossi, and their departure from Ninjago to the Realm of Oni and Dragons , Garmadon, turned emperor, takes control of Ninjago while Lloyd, Misako, Nya, and . go into hiding.

When they make it to the oasis however, they only have a moment to rest as Techno Wu and a squad of Nindroids ambush the duo. Garmadon faces his brother again as Lloyd escapes, yet Wu is victorious and Garmadon is taken aboard the MechDragon. When Pythor steals Lloyd's power, the Overlord comments that Garmadon is no use to them, and he throws him overboard. As the MechDragon flies off, Garmadon surfaces and vows that he will find Lloyd again.

Garmadon was born to the First Spinjitzu Master, along with his brother, Wu. Garmadon took after his father's Oni heritage, and inherited the power of Destruction.

Wu and his group try to contact the scattered Elemental Masters and the Ninja before Chen contacts them saying he has taken control of the radio. Chen states he will offer a truce if the Ninja and their allies leave Ninjago but Garmadon states it's a lie, though Wu stops him and tells Chen they would think about it, earning shock from his brother. Wu states their forces are all around and they should consider it before Chen states Garmadon should listen to Wu as his words are what convinced Misako. Wu then learns from Chen that Garmadon placed his signature on the letter he originally wrote to Misako and is enrage by his brother's betrayal as his brother tells him to calm himself before angrily states Garmadon was no master and never was one. Skylor stops their fight before it becomes worse as it was playing into Chen's hands.

During Lloyd's battle against the Overlord, the former asserted that Lord Garmadon was still alive and unwilling to harm him. At this, Lord Garmadon briefly retook control of his body from the Overlord, leaving himself open for Lloyd's assault. Unfortunately, the Overlord soon regained control, completely subduing Lord Garmadon's mind and taking full control of his body.

Garmadon is the brother of Sensei Wu. As a man, he was bitten by The Great Devourer and became Lord Garmadon.

Harumi suggested sending Mr. E who is more than capable to find and procure Lloyd, accepting of the latter's talents, Garmadon orders him to find his son.

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