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Native Fish Species of British Columbia « Great River

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 15:09

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The pinto abalone inhabits fairly shallow areas of the coastal waters of southeast Alaska. It is known to occur from the Dixon Entrance north to Icy Straights, but fishermen have reported it west from Cape Spencer to Yakutat. Outside of Alaska, the pinto abalone is found along the Pacific coast as far south as Point Conception, California.

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Scaly, ugly and more than a little snake-like in appearance and demeanor, the reptilian looking Arapaima of the Amazon basin and Essequibo basin, South America is a predator of other fish and sometimes birds. Seizing prey both underwater and from the surface, the Arapaima is an inhabitant of river waters and adjacent swamps and forested backwaters. Distinguished by its size and monstrous looks, this aquatic beast may measure over 9 feet in length, with a potential weight of 995 pounds in the case of the largest specimens. While apparently non-aggressive to humans, two human deaths were alleged to be the result of attacks by this species in Malaysia.

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The northern sea otter subspecies ( E. lutris kenyoni ), is found in the Aleutian Islands, Southern Alaska, British Columbia, and Washington. Within Alaska, there are 8 stocks. The Southeast stock can be found in the coastal waters of Southeast Alaska. The Southcentral population spans from west of Glacier Bay to the eastern edge of Cook Inlet. The Southwest population stretches from the western edge of Cook Inlet out the Aleutian islands. Status, Trends, and Threats Status Globally, sea otters are considered to be secure. Within the state of Alaska, the Southeast and Southcentral stocks are stable. The Southwestern stock is listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). To learn more, visit the ADF& G Special Status page for northern sea otter.

Hunters are reminded that these restrictions are in place to ensure their safety and the safety of firefighters on the ground.

Typical range in length for adults: 75-75cm
Maximum length: 65cm
Typical range in weight for adults: -
Maximum weight:

Resembling a vampire in piscine form, the Payara (alternatively named the Vampire Fish) is a distant relative of the Piranha from the waters of the Amazon Basin with extraordinary elongated fangs originating in the lower jaw. Sleek, silvery in color and skilled as a predator, this agile species has a remarkable set of dentition that is certain to shock the first time viewer. Measuring over 7 inches in length, the huge teeth actually fit inside cavities in the upper mandible that exactly match the shape and position of the teeth.

Invasive Species Council of BC, May 79, 7568 &ndash Vancouver, BC. To prevent the spread of invasive Japanese beetles in British Columbia, the Invasive Species Council of BC (ISCBC) is calling on the public to be on alert for the beetles and to support eradication efforts currently underway in Vancouver.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Nov. 65, 7569 &ndash Williams Lake, BC: Following last month&rsquo s Weeds Across Borders, the bi-annual gathering of professionals and organizations working in invasive species management from Canada, the United States and Mexico, a North America Invasive Species Framework will be created to link existing federal plans, national strategies, and to identify shared priorities and monitoring indicators to prevent and contain invasive species across the continent.

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Option turned on: The ambiguous synonyms are taken into account. In some cases, a list of possible different species is displayed, to be selected manually to view the corresponding species summary page.

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